Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Outlook in office2010

Tuesday evening we had a nice meeting of all the microsoft professionals at capgemini NL.

Many new and upcoming products of Microsoft were discussed, though not in great detail.

One of the god things was the confirmation that Outlook in office 2010 will have the grouping of emails in threads that gmail already offers. That probably means that you can save yourself some time by skipping lots of outlook videos now, and switsching to outlook 2010 asap.

Another, but minor innovation, is that you will be able to archive your email automatically when your exchange mailbox is full. Less manual work there, but not a big deal. This might imho turn out to be a limited blessing, as you probably want to store your archive in a safe place, where it is backed up. That means that you got to be connected to a network, which is not identical to being online.