Friday, July 03, 2009

outlook life hack

Outlook is alas the obligatory email client in the office. For years i have complained about the lack of grouping emails. One of gmails main advantages is that it groups emails in threads, enabling me to digest an entire discussion of in one go.

I have been told that MS Office 2010 will have this ability too. But hanging the transfer of msdn licenses from getronics to capgemini, i am stuck with office and thus outlook 2003.

But today there i fund a small hack, which does not solve all, but at least goes a small step. Outlook has a field called "Conversation". This field is identical to "Subject", but stripped of "Re" and "Fw".
In outlook, right click on the fields bar with all your emails, select "fields chooser" and pick "Conversation". Set it in front of "Subject", and sort on that field.

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